Wednesday, 4 December 2013

So I knew I wasn't going to be any good at this.....and I was correct, missed yesterday out completely.


Today J returned from school with one request, he wants the Xmas tree up. My comment that I "wasn't going to bother this year" was met with stony silence....the child has no sense of humour.

I made the dinner and was then sent to retrieve the tree from the loft...testing gingerly for spiders I found the box reassuringly web free and brought it down. For the next hour we had a great time decorating the tree with lights, baubles and tinsel until J got bored and retreated upstairs leaving me to it. I have to say it looks nice for the moment but as I type,Florrie the kitten is slowly dismantling the tree ....well removing decorations and chasing them around. She has climbed the tree multiple times and I suspect it will fall well before Xmas Day...still it looks nice for the moment.

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