Thursday, 9 October 2008


It has been a week of "firsts" for J. He has his first wobbly tooth (oh boy does his Mummy feel proud and pleased). J is taking great pride in wobbling the tooth and is eagerly anticipating the tooth fairy.

J attends a local Catholic school - nothing to do with my desire for a Catholic education but more to do with my sister being a teaching assistant there (and therefore able to collect J from school for me) and also that all my nieces have attended the school happily. This week J returned from school proudly carrying a set of plastic Rosary beads. How he came to be in possession of these I could not glean from his explanations. Eventually I recalled reading in the newsletter that one of the teachers was holding a Rosary session at lunchtimes and Rosary beads could be bought for 25p. I duly paid up thinking that J had gone along and been given the beads. It turns out now that J was given the beads in assembly for some reason.

Last night he held the Rosary, put his hands together and said his prayers as he had been taught in school finishing with great flourish he announced ".... the Father, the Son and the Holy Goat"

He then proceeded to place the beads around his neck and said "I wear these as a necklace"
Not the effect I think his Catholic school would have been after.


Mike Farley said...

Superb! Holy Goat! That's my boy!

Moonroot said...

Great! Subvert the system from within! Attaboy.