Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Happy New Year

Its been a while since I posted and it's been good to read back through the last few posts. J has now settled well in his new school and they continue to be brilliant with him and the other children in their care. The first term ended with a fabulous celebration assembly during which J read a poem; watching my child and others read confidently and fluently brought tears to my eyes, these children are so often overlooked in a mainstream setting and here they all were taking centre stage and having "their moment". Thank you Grove House School.

Christmas was a lovely time and we went to Wales to be with J's Dad and his lovely family. I think Wales may be my spiritual home, I always feel relaxed when we go there and the scenery is beautiful. 

We came home on the 27th December and spent New Year at home before M had to return to Somerset and work. 

So J is now back at school and so far it's been peaceful and uneventful ...long may this continue.