Monday, 2 December 2013

30 day blogging challenge

Resurrecting the Blog for this 30 day challenge......if I complete this it will be a miracle!

So J.......J is amazing, wonderful and achieving ....did I mention he was brilliant too?

J recently joined a local drama group with me, they are an adult group but needed children to take part as they were doing A Christmas Carol.

J showed no great enthusiasm when I suggested this but came along willingly with long as he could bring the iPad with him.

I rapidly noted that he was showing interest in the rehearsing and he LOVED the read through we did before the parts were assigned.

Eventually J was assigned the part of "Cockney Boy"...the one Scrooge sends for the turkey after the ghosts have been. I was assigned the part of "Old Hag",  according to J's Dad this is called "typecasting"....he will freeze when he next stays here.

We had several weeks of rehearsals and J discovered that acting was not all glory and simplicity but involved a lot of waiting around and boredom in between his lines.

Despite J's little quirks the drama group were AMAZING with him, not once were any of his issues a problem for the director. If he couldn't look at Scrooge when delivering his lines then that was no problem, just look upstage. One of the other cast members is a drama teacher and once we got into the theatre spent just five minutes with J on the stage by which point he delivered his lines loudly and clearly.

On performance nights he was a star, family and friends who came to see him were amazed by what he achieved.

As for J the success was a massive achievement for him and a wonderful and welcome boost to his self esteem.

This Friday we perform the show again in a local church, this promises to be very atmospheric and I cant wait. J though, is relaxed and nonchalant...he knows his lines and is taking it all in his very proud of him.