Friday, 12 April 2013

Easter with J

It's been an age since I blogged and for that I have no reason other than life getting in the way but today it is Friday, it is evening, J is in the bath and I have just finished my second glass of wine.

J has had a nice Easter, he has seen his Dad and they have discussed Dr Who at length and we have been to the library to choose one Dr Who DVD followed by another the following week. I have seen more YouTube fan videos of Dr Who than I care to remember.

J had his friend A round and they enjoyed themselves. J met A at the local special needs centre. They both have the diagnosis of ASD and are very similar. They enjoy each others company but each seems to have an understanding that the other also needs time alone. J and A had a nice day ...once I had taken down the Gustav Klimt canvas print from the wall which A explained was "creeping me out".  A was unable to explain why this was but if anyone can enlighten me I'd love to it her face?

While A and J played, I was able to enjoy coffee and a chat with A's Mum who is fabulous.....just knowing she understands makes me feel not quite so alone sometimes. Like J, A also appears a "normal" and lovely little boy, but like J he has his issues which have lead to a severe bullying problem in school to the extent that he is starting a new school after Easter which is smaller and appears to have a better approach to inclusion. It has not been an easy time for A or his parents who have had to fight against unhelpful prejudices and blinkered approaches.  I am more grateful than ever for J's school which has always been so supportive to him.

Last weekend J should have gone to Wales with his Dad to see his grandparents, last weekend I was looking forward to the relaxation which only a few days off can bring but...."I don't want to go"....and he was adamant. As his Dad was a bit low from the break up of a relationship I felt he could do with the time to himself so J remained here and I have remained tired and J has reacted to my tiredness and it has been hard/

So J is back at school on Monday much to his disgust, he has done homework and as a treat has been to the cinema and been taken out for lunch and ice cream all of which was a snip at just over £40! Two hours after we arrived home J had lost his temper, bashed the iPad with his hand and informed me that I was "the worstest mother"!

Ho hum!