Friday, 5 February 2010

The First Kiss......

Yesterday morning as I was helping J prepare for school he suddenly blurted out "Mummy, yesterday M kissed me and I don't know why". This was said in a mock aggressive tone as he blushed and looked away before adding "it was disgusting and I'm not going to let her do it again".
I asked J "did she kiss you on the face"? and J replied "she kissed me on the cheek and it was horrible".

J and M have a rather sweet little friendship with J enjoying someone who understands "Ben 10" and who is not adverse to some noisy and energetic playground games. M is a very sweet little girl who obviously likes J and who fought off allcomers for a seat next to J at his 7th birthday party. I have a wonderful photo of them both seated next to each other at the party. M has her arm possessively around J and her head rested on his shoulder with a sweet smile. J in the same photo has his eyes cast downwards with an embarassed grin. Immediately after the photo was taken J made a comedy fall from his chair and lay on the floor which he told me later was him "falling on the floor in love". To protect her identity I won't publish the photo of J and M here but it is lovely and rather sweet. Instead we have two different pictures coutesy of Google Image search.

Yesterday when I collected J from school I asked him if M had kissed him again and the answer was a very boyish "yuck - no way". So that's alright then - I suspect that in just a few more years his answer might be rather different but by then M will be a pretty young thing who will have outgrown Ben 10.  I am not sure the same will be true of J..............

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