Saturday, 22 May 2010


Sometimes I find J hard work

Sometimes I get frustrated and cross with him and then I feel guilty.

Sometimes I get fed up with saying “Sorry” to all and sundry for his poor behaviour and lack of impulse control

Sometimes I would give anything for the ASD and ADHD to go away so that people could see the lovely little boy underneath it all.

Sometimes I want to scream about invisible disabilities - a child in a wheelchair is clearly disabled and allowances are (well should be) made. Nobody understands about less visible challenges to a child's actions and behaviour or even considers them.

Sometimes I want to scream at the smug parents with their well behaved children who watch J with an irritated eye.

Sometimes I feel frustrated that the rest of the world does not understand.

Sometimes I wish J came with a volume control

Sometimes I feel I am not up to the job of parenting J and wonder if he would be different with a more competent and organized Mum.

Sometimes the stress finds me in this self pitying mood which needs to be kicked into touch.

But thankfully this IS only “Sometimes”. Thankfully MOST of the time I am more positive than this.

Unfortunately this is not one of those times.


cheeky curves said...

Sometimes it hard to find the right words to help and to give support

Pagangracecat said...

Thank you - feeling a bit more positive this morning thank goodness. Yesterday was just a hard day.