Saturday, 19 February 2011

Those non-rhyming poems

Have you seen those poems which don’t rhyme but which tell a kind of story? Well here’s mine and it sums up life with J over the past few months pretty well! It could be crap but hey – it’s the first one I’ve ever written so bear with me.

Judgemental comments and discrimination

We feel these much too often

Critical words cut like a knife

As my son and I go about life

He doesn’t see the world as you and I see the world

His world is blurred and at times confused as he seeks to make sense of the myriad of social situations.

At times the world is filled with sounds too much for his acute senses

Other times he is filled with emotional meltdown

James wants to be a “good boy”

One who follows the teacher’s instructions and not the “bad boy” who cannot always.

Yet his teachers say he’s good, sits nicely and is well behaved

But my boy does not see this in himself :-(

His deep thinking and breakthroughs are my real salvation

“Will you be okay without your wife” said to my recently bereaved Uncle while stroking his arm.

Oh so proud that he recognised grief and sought to comfort, that he can care for others despite his difficulties.

Another week and new achievements, a karate badge, Star of the Day and then Star of the Week in school,

A school who made such a positive song and dance about his achievement

Oh so happy and so proud

My son gives me Always Unique Totally Inspiring Special Moments

Love knows no bounds

And I give thanks to God for giving me James


cheeky curves said...

A lovely poem
Life does does not rhyme it the way we live it that gives it rhythm

Order and Chaos said...

Oh so true aout life notrhyming in the way we think it should. Thankfully it rhymes enough to get by lol.

heart rumbles said...

Love and life have their own rhythm. Sometimes the story tells itself and makes it's own rhyme.