Tuesday, 28 June 2011

For my Aunties.....

For my Auntie Margaret and Auntie Theresa

Beloved Aunt oh so dear

I wish that you could still be here

To share your sage advice so true

You were always wise and always YOU

Such laughter and fun

We always shared

I know as well that you always cared

I miss you more than I can say

I’d love to spend another day

Laughing and chatting over tea

Being with you inspired me.

Sadness now that you are gone

Without you we have to carry on

I know you are in pain no more

And that’s a blessing I can’t ignore

But I miss my aunt oh so dear

And wish I could still hold her near.

Auntie Theresa with her beloved granddaughter.

Auntie Margaret with Uncle Johnny

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