Sunday, 10 June 2012

Tears and meltdowns

So this afternoon J had a meltdown of epic proportions. I win't go into details about the cause except to say that as always it involved being teased (or even perceived teasing) by another child during play outside in the street.

I knew as soon as J hammered on the door that something was wrong, as I approached the door to open it he began kicking it while screaming in frustration and anger. I opened the door to a sobbing, raging child with the other children looking on in confusion.

Indoors came J still screaming and raging, a dining chair was kicked to the floor and J began kicking the coffee table in rage. I attempted to hold him but ended up letting go as he was screaming "get off me". He was drenched as they had all been having a water fight outside and he was pulling at his clothes and hitting himself.

In between rages and screams I got the cause of the upset (another child had thrown a water balloon at J which had hit him in the side and hurt. This was followed by rages about a boy in school who prior to the half term had screamed in J's ear either to upset him or due to sheer over-excitement - J does not know which but suffice to say he "is not going to school tomorrow Mum".

Can't wait for morning and for battle to commence!

So my plan tomorrow is a meeting with school to sort this out as J does not want to discuss it but clearly needs to if things are to be addressed.

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