Tuesday, 26 August 2008

The Accident and Emergency Department.

Accident and Emergency Departments - not anybody's idea of a fun few hours are they? But today I was unlucky enough to spend a few hours there. I had just finished my morning visits at work and was looking forward to a sandwich before starting the Well Baby clinic due from 1.30pm. I got back to the Health Centre to be told that my Mum, Dad, Sister and Niece had all left messages for me. J had fallen off some climbing equipment at the local park and my parents had taken him to A+E.

Anticipating "the worst" as every mother probably does in that situation I rushed to Basildon Hospital's A+E. I need not have feared – as I tore breathlessly through the door J's happy shout of "here's my Mummy" reassured me that he was not about to die. In fact J looked in the best of health apart from some massive bruising to the side of his face (oh boy – is he going to have a black eye), his back and shins. He looked in fact, far better than either of my parents who were ashen faced, anxious and upset that the accident had occurred while J was in their care. Bless my Mum who apologised again and again – but really there was no need. I'd much rather J was having fun with the minor possibility of an accident rather than sat bored indoors because Nanny and Grand-dad were too frightened he might injure himself.

As far as J's SPD goes - let's just say he explored every inch of A+E available to him! Finally, in hope of occupying him I walked him up and down a long corridor several times until his name was called. J then excelled himself by co-operating fully with the hospital doctor who examined him and was rewarded with a trip to the toy shop afterwards.

Not surprisingly J is a bit subdued now and has a few aches and pains. However, he is fine – no breaks, no concussion – just a few bruises which he will recover from.

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Moonroot said...

M phoned me to let me know about J's accident. Glad to hear it was nothing serious but I can understand how shaken up your Mum & Dad must have been! Give J a hug & kiss from me, hope he's soon fully mended.