Wednesday, 2 December 2009

You have to love logic.......

"Hmmm" said J as he delved down the freezer on his return from school. "This is the last one" he noted holding aloft a Cadbury's" choc ice on a stick" which I hoped to hide from him until after bedtime. "Yes it's the last one" I agreed, "would you like it"? Fat chance of him saying "no it's okay Mummy I want you to have it". So J now has his Cadbury's "choc ice on a stick" sitting in front of the TV and Ben 10. As the living room carpet is new I have decreed that all food is to be eaten at the table but have weakened if he sits on the sofa and does not move.
"Yes" says J "because the carpet is new Mummy"........ and then came the logic...... "but when it's old it I'll be able to drop things on it won't I".

The banging sound you hear is me whacking my head in despair.


Hartley said...


I stumbled on to your blog today and thought I would say Hi!

Sounds like your "J" is a Black and White thinker like my son Gabriel! LOL Gabriel is on the Spectrum, very high functioning, but with challenges with Sensory, Social and academic (writing, reading and math).

Hope you are getting the help for him this school year that he needs!

Take care,

Pagangracecat said...

Thank you for your reply Hartley - yes I would say that J is indeed a black and white thinker. His school are being great with him and I am so grateful for that.

Thank you for taking the time to read