Sunday, 3 January 2010

Bed times and Dramas

I have posted before about J's total and utter sensory seeking approach to falling asleep. This has got worse with his increasing interest in the Cartoon Network and Ben 10. For those not initiated into Ben 10  a quick explanation is that one day Ben finds a mysterious wrist watch type device called an Omnetrix which attaches itself permenantly to his wrist and gives him the power to transform into various aliens all with a variety of superpowers and thus save the Earth from whatever impending doom it is facing at any given time.
J now has his own Omnetrix bought when J carried on and on and on  during a weak moment in Sainsbury's toy aisle.
Christmas made the situation worse when a close friend (thank you S) bought J a boxful of Ben 10 aliens and various attachments for his Omnetrix. Now each evening when I put J into bed, wrap him securely in the duvet and kiss him good night he settles for all of 2 minutes before leaping form the bed and creating a variety of bumps and squeals while saving the Earth. Aaaagggh!
Threats and pleas to calm down and go back to bed fall upon deaf ears and usually at least 2 hours of "earth saving" go by before J's goal is achieved and mankind can sleep safely in their beds once more. At this point J usually settles down with a sigh and a book and at this point may fall asleep ....... unless the earth is threatened once more when he summons up the energy (just HOW does he manage this I am unconcious by 9?) to defeat them once more.
So - this week J is back at school, this week I have to try and get J to fall asleep at an earlier hour as the lie ins are finished until next weekend. So - this week I will be taking a tired little boy to school most mornings - the school will achieve wonders with J every morning but by afternoon he will be finished and tired with no energy..... until bedtime.

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