Saturday, 23 January 2010

Busting for a Hamster Part 2.

And so it was decided that Dru's senses were becoming just a little too attuned to the hamster cage.... "busting for a hamster" didn't even begin to describe her.  Even worse was Dora's curiosity about the noises coming from the side of her cage. Little did our little Hammy understand that the twanging noise was the sound of Dru's claws plucking the bars like a guitar.... even the odd nip from the sharp teeth of Dora did not dissuade Dru from stalking the cage like Elmer Fudd ..... she didn't quite say "be vewy vewy qwiet.... I'm huntin' hamsters" but may as well have done.
 Finally the decision was made for Dora to have a new and more cat proof cage and after a lot of looking around we finally settled on this - the Rotastack Space Command home for spoilt hamsters. Let me tell you that putting this cage together is no picnic and the air was blue by the time I'd finished - but finally I was able to introduce the cage to both Dora and Dru. Dora was impressed and Dru was perplexed. 

While Dora explored using all her senses Dru explored too using all of hers...... yet no matter how she looked and sniffed and listened she could not find an entrance to the cage and only minimal bars to twang

...... and so she gave up and lounged on the floor looking fabulous.

....before wandering off to the bedroom where found the quilt on the floor because I hadn't got around to re-making the bed.
And Dora the Explorer is now safe and J is happy. He loves Dru and he loves Dora.