Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Consequences.....Or "keeping J in the classroom"

A charming little habit exhibited by J in his less polite moments is to storm from the classroom in a huff when he does not want to do something or if an activity does not go the way he expects. This has been a problem from Reception year onwards. In the Infant school they tolerated this little habit, monitored it and found other ways to teach what they needed to. The Junior school however, is made of sterner stuff and J now has consequences for leaving the classroom. It is very simple - if J leaves the classroom in a huff he loses one minute of playtime. The knock on effect of this is that J is NOT first in the queue at the tuck shop for his pretzels. When you consider that J's other two passions in life are "being first" in any queue and "food" then I I think you have to agree that the Junior school have hit on a pretty effective strategy. The storms from the classroom are already reducing and it's only the third week of term. Now if only I can find a way to adapt this strategy at home..........

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