Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Chief Litter Picker of Holy Trinity Church

The Badge!

Last week when I attended Mass with J, one of the parishioners noted with irritation that there was a large amount of litter on the field adjoining the church. We chatted for a bit about this when J piped up with "I'll help pick it up" and so off he went with one of the older ladies from the church armed with a rubbish bag and a litter picker/grabber device which Sr C had managed to find..
J and his new found friend returned some 15 minutes later with a bag full of rubbish to great praise and applause. J liked this praise and applause very much and decided to award himself the post of "Chief Litter Picker". Indeed J was so pleased with this title that he told everyone who entered the church and had time to listen that he had "a job at the church, I am the Chief Litter Picker" to great amusement and praise. When Fr B arrived he was also told by J that the church had a new employee - Fr B was suitably impressed and praised J for his enthusiasm. "Yes" said J, "I need to have a manager's badge".
So - this week J and his Daddy went into town where a badge was chosen with the words "Chief Litter Picker, Holy Trinity Church", this cost his Dad £10 - J's Dad was not impressed especially as I have a tendency to lose things!
So this week we went back to church, I have never seen J so eager to attend Mass in my life. There he was with his badge in pride of place eager to do his "work" and he didn't mind who knew it. Off he went with Nanny, a rubbish bag and the rubbish grabber to fill up another rubbish bag.
J wears his badge with pride.

Today we had Fr D on duty who was equally entertained by the church's new employee, especially when J returned once again with a full bag of rubbish collected from around the exterior of the church.
So my Mum decided that as a reward,  J needed his own Rosary beads, (J still refers to them as "Rosemary Beads") and J chose some from the little shop.  Fr D then kindly blessed the Rosary Beads for J and in J's eyes this now makes them very special indeed.  I have suggested that he uses them to say special prayers - just as his Auntie Moonroot uses a magic wand. Not being Catholic the Rosary is still a bit of a mystery to me although I am learning  - so it'll be off to find something age appropriate for J which might also teach me something too!
The "Chief Litter Picker" is now sat watching Robin Hood on the Disney Channel, meanwhile his bedroom resembles a bomb-site but needless to say he does not see his duties extending here so off I will go shortly to make a start on the Lego which is piled on the floor....I may be some time!

The "Rosemary" Beads


Moonroot said...

Well done J, an eco-warrior after my own heart!

Jonas said...

That's a cool story, clearly he is fairly high functioning. My son is not at that level yet.