Saturday, 27 August 2011

Colchester Zoo

All cats make "looking idle" an art form and these two were no exception to that rule.
This week J and I visited Colchester Zoo with my friend EK and her daughter E plus her Nanny J. We had an absolutely fantastic day and managed to fit in a remarkable amount of feeds and demonstration sessions thatks to the new Colchester Zoo app which pages you 10 mins before any acvtivity you schedule in. As a result we not only managed to see the Penguin feed but also to take part in feeding the Elephants, Giraffes and Wallabies as well as ride the land train to see some of the shyer creatures which inhabit the zoo such as the Black Backed Jackals.
J and E had a fantastic time and all us adults enjoyed ourselves too - of course no trip to the zoo is complete without photos....
Everyone liked the big tortoise..
J enjoys the penguins
I spent "too long Mum" at the sealion enclosure - sorry J but they are just beautiful
E and J are first in the queue for the "Penguin feed"

EK's friend...who blew her kisses.

We covered most of the zoo in the day we spent there and still did not manage a quarter of the information they had to impart. Definitly a place to visit and then visit again, they are doing fantastic conservation work through the zoo and a huge amount of education regarding animal trafficking, animal mistreatment and the loss year on year of our natural wildlife .... sobering stuff.

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