Sunday, 29 July 2012

Doctors, medication and fun.

So we went off to the paediatrician with J who treated her to the fun of himself in full flow. He lay on the couch, got off the couch, went under the couch, weighed himself, stood on the height scale and generally became distracted by all the bits in the room.

Discussed his situation with the doctor and she checked his blood pressure to find that it had indeed returned to normal  after a week without medication. Lots of discussion and thought after which we decided that as J's medication works so well he would be better off continuing on it but at a reduced dose. So we have reduced the drug doseage by one third and will monitor things, J will return in two weeks for a blood pressure check and hopefully will be not too inconvenienced by the reduction in the drug.

The lovely doctor also gave me some Melatonin to tackle J's sleep difficulties and we will see if this brings his "falling asleep" time forward from midnight to a more reasonable hour like 9pm!

So a few days in and J appears to be coping well with the reduced dose, he is still calm with it and can sit down to read a book, the food issues are unchanged but nothing new there and all in all I am hoping we have a good outcome to the medication issues. The proof of it will really be seen once J returns to school in September and has to face the daily noise and stresses of the classroom once more.

The issue with Facebook is not yet sorted but will be given full attention in September when school returns.

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