Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Left hand/Right hand confusion part 2

So following a productive meet up between the SENCO plus myself and M on Monday, a few plans were made.

The SENCO agreed that J should not be writing down his homework and said she would email all teachers to remind then of this.

Today....J has come out of school telling me he has a lunchtime detention tomorrow for not doing his IT homework. Oh really, what IT homework would that be then? Something they evidently have not written down.

Secondly on checking J's homework book I found he had yet again been left to write in his French homework.  I have now asked three times for an adult to record the homework
 J has hypermobility in his joints, this means that writing is difficult for him. Asking him to write down homework in the rush that is the end of each lesson means barely legible scrawl.  Add to this his
impaired executive function issues and you have a problem. Not only can I not read J's writing. ..nor can J!

Got home, phoned the school and left a terse message for the SENCO and the IT teacher pointing out that J's Statement was not bring adhered to and that I wanted a call back from ons or both of them before midday tomorrow . In fact scratch that as tomorrow morning I am going in there. ....again.

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