Monday, 1 June 2015

Oh dear, the left hand and the right hand are not talking!

Today I went into J's school to discuss the letter I recieved at the beginning of half term.

I spoke with the SENCO, the conversation regarding the letter went like this.....

Me: "Were you aware this letter was being sent out"?

SENCO: "No I wasn't".


So the school has my child with a Statement of SEN, the teachers are experiencing problems with J and are expressing concern about effort and level of progress.  Wouldn't you think the obvious thing to do would be to the SENCO about the concerns?

Instead they sent out a blanket letter with no real plan beyond signing a report card each day which reports on how he has been in class with regards to his work. I have no issue with this per se as J has just had an increase in medication. Monitoring how he is responding is a good thing and will allow me to see how effective the increased dose is.  I am not happy for it to be used as a punitive sanction though, especially when there has been no discussion with the SEN department.

I then had the joy of a discussion with J's caseworker at the LEA, I wanted to know if his case had been to Panel yet for possibke admission to a local special school which offers a mainstream curriculum.  The caseworker's response was "actually no. I didn't think we were going ahead with that'."
"Ummm.....yes we are, in fact J's Dad is especially keen for this to be looked I explained to you at the Annual Review."

I despair, I really do.

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Moonroot said...

I'm sorry to hear you're having all these problems at the moment. It must be so frustrating! But at least J is lucky enough to have parents who are involved and fighting his corner for him. That's a huge advantage for him. Well done for keeping up the fight, and good luck for whatever happens next. XXX