Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Natural History Museum

Yesterday we took J up to London and visited the Natural History Museum.

J really enjoyed the train journey up there and made the most of a window seat.

The weather was lovely and the queue for the museum was  very long much to J's disgust. However, the queue moved quite quickly and we were soon at the front.
J was fascinated by all the dinosaur bones and fossils. We ran from fossil to fossil scarcely taking anything in. J doesn't really "do" concentration but neither do most 7 year olds in such an exciting place. It was very crowded and we had to manage J with severe sensory overload. Generally J found it fun but the constantly bursting balloons were a big problem especially when we went to the restaurant. The first bursting balloon madr J jump, the second one some 30 seconds later led to fingers in ears and the third one about 20 seconds later saw J clambering under thye table for safety.

J really liked this Opthalmosauraus and
we had to take several photographs of him with it.
The Opthalmosauraus is a type of Icthyosaur and there were many fossils in the museum of this
particular creature.

Once J had been totally overloaded with sensory stuff we took him outside for a much wanted ice-cream which he thoroughly enjoyed as you can see. Lacking any wet wipes (always the organized mother me) I did the one thing I always said I would never do - wet a tissue with saliva to clean him off much to his utter revulsion because "now you've put your germs all over me Mummy".

After this we embarked upon a two milish walk across London and through Hyde Park to get to Soho Square and various chain type restaurants for supper before getting the 19.40pm train back to Laindon and the car. J was exhausted by then and fell asleep within half an hour of getting into bed (a record). It was after 9pm but still an improvement upon some of his other evenings. I guess he just needs a good long walk every day.

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