Friday, 9 April 2010

A walk in Spring.

Today it is beautiful and a real glimpse of the lovely weather to come (hopefully). I had a day off work, the sun was shining and J was ready for a walk. Accompanied by Nanny we headed off for Dunton Nature Reserve and bought duck food for the lake birds and an ice lolly for J.
The ground was muddy in places and J found plenty of opportunities to sink his feet into soft mud - opportunities which were not wasted!
The blossom was in full bloom and everything was bursting with life and promise of riches to come. The birds were in fine form and the air was filled with melody while the rabbits scuttled around half hidden in the densely wooded areas.

J looked and listened and noticed different things - the stony remains of a house post and trees which had been felled and which provided a home for all manner of creatures.

J was keen to get to the lake most of all though.

J fed the ducks, geese and coots with the bagful of food he had. Once this was empty then he harrassed nanny for the remainder of the bird feed she had.

He found some very hungry birds at the lake and they were pleased to see us. There were one or two punch ups between geese and ducks and a few between warring males and females. In the end though I think all were fed happily and the bags were packed safely away to be swapped for a lolly on their return to the visitors centre.

We continued the walk all around the lake and I enjoyed the chance to breathe in fresh air and watch J as he ran, fell, laughed and cried at various times. We left the lake behind after watching J wobble and nearly lose his balance while standing precariously at the edge of the lake. I asked J if he had tried to fall in the lake on purpose - the answer was an emphatic "No" but then "I just wanted to try and fall in Mummy". Thankfully he failed in that little endeavour.

We headed back to the car  and through more muddy puddles. The visitor's centre gave a J a lolly in return for his empty duck food bags and a second lolly "to put away for tomorrow". Now we are home and the jeans, trainers and T-shirt are in the washing machine. Ben 10 is on the telly and J is lounging on the sofa eating crisps. All in all a good day I reckon.


cheeky curves said...

Oooh it looks beautiful. I am having a week off during bank holiday week, I think I will put this down as one of the places to visit. Have you been to I took some clients there two weeks ago, it was beautiful.

Pagangracecat said...

No I haven't been there - but it look lovely so will have to take a look - especially as it isn't too far from me.